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Back care

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What is Back Care
One To One? 

Back Care One-To-One Coaching helps you manage your symptoms by exploring and addressing the many underlying causes of your back pain. The aim is to empower you to manage your mindset as well as physical symptoms symptoms. It is delivered online or face to face at my clinic in Rainham Kent.

Is Back Care One-To-One Coaching right for me?

This programme is ideal for you if you have a history of persistent back pain and are:

Constantly worrying about your back pain

Limited by your pain at work

Had to stop doing activities you enjoy 

Worried that exercise or certain movements are causing more damage to your back 

Not sure what you should or shouldn’t be doing in terms of movement or exercise 

Not sleeping well 

Confused by information or advice received from family, friends or therapists 

Feel like you’re never going to get better 

Worried about your pain coming back

Debbie’s story

After years of suffering from chronic back pain, Debbie embarked on a transformative journey with Carol. Through regular one-to-one back care sessions, Debbie has achieved remarkable milestones that were once beyond her reach.

Is it a bespoke or a one-size-fits-all programme?

Your coaching will be tailored for YOU and your personal experience with your back pain which we will discuss during your consultation.

During your sessions, I will use a blend of the core elements that are most suitable to you to target your specific back pain. The number of sessions will depend on you and your needs.

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What does one-to-one coaching involve? 

Coaching starts with an initial consultation to explore how you have arrived at the point you are at with your back pain.

Everyone has a unique personal experience of how their back pain is constructed physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to help you have better understanding, better thinking and better movement so that you can feel better.

There are three core elements to my coaching, which are:


I will provide accurate information based on current evidence to enable you to confidently manage and understand your back pain.


I will help you create strategies to help you get back to enjoying the activities you love and adjust your mindset to better cope with your back issue.


Together we will explore how you move your back and what you can do differently to encourage more effortless movement. I will suggest guided rehabilitative exercises to help you move away from pain and better manage your back so you can go back to living your life to the full.


You can book a FREE discovery call to find out more about working with me here. The initial consulation costs £70.00. Individual follow up appointments are £70.00 with a discount offered when buying a package of sessions. All appointments last for a minimum of 60 minutes

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Remedial massage

This is an extra service offered to face-to-face clients as an additional treatment rather than being the main focus of this programme.

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The benefits of one-to-one coaching include:

  • A better understanding of you and your pain
  • The confidence to take back control of your daily life
  • A better night's sleep
  • Knowing what to do if you have a flare-up
  • Less anxiety about your pain
  • Managing a return to activities/sports
  • Moving with more confidence day to day
  • Regaining trust in your back
  • A movement method to help you move away from pain
  • Feeling like you again!

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Carol Seaborne

Back Care Clinic founder

Carol Seaborne lives in Kent with her husband Andy, who she has been married to for 30 years. They both share a love of sports and play a lot of sports together, often competing against one another. They have two grown-up daughters who live nearby with their fur babies.

In her free time, Carol enjoys walking her black lab, Scout, and listening to podcasts about pain science, movement or other health and wellness topics. Carol manages her own pain through weight training, cycling and foundation training. She also loves cooking and has finally invested in an air fryer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your online and face-to-face services?

For anyone seeing me in my clinic, I can include manual therapy. Everything else is the same. Manual therapy is an excellent addition to symptom management, but the most critical aspects are understanding your back pain and knowledge of how best to manage it and move.

Can you help me with my specific back problem?

Many of my clients already have a diagnosis, a disc injury, scoliosis, hypermobility, spondylarthritis, sciatica, etc. I screen everyone before accepting them as a client to ensure we can work together safely. If this is your first episode of back pain and you are worried about your symptoms, it is best to speak to your GP first.

How can I work with you?

I offer face-to-face and online appointments. Online appointments are on Zoom. You can book a consultation here.

How long are coaching sessions?

All of my sessions last a minimum of 60 minutes.

Still not sure if I am the right person to help you with your back problem?

Book a free 15-minute zoom call to find out more.

Start your journey towards
moving away from pain!

Start your journey towards
moving away from pain!

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