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Why get a massage?

Massage can be a useful intervention to reduce pain and improve mobility. People suffering from back pain often describe feeling tight and stiff. These combined can result in guarded and cautious movements such as not wanting to bend their back.

As a soft tissue therapist, I can use various approaches to help reduce some of these symptoms. Massage can create a feeling of lightness, looseness and a sense of being more flexible after treatment. Massage therapy often results in a better night's sleep, reduces anxiety, improves general well-being and is a great way to feel that you can move more easily!

As your comfort levels increase, so too will your confidence about starting to move again.

Back pain often affects mental health and increases feelings of low mood, anxiety and stress, leading to poor sleep. Massage is well-known for its positive effects on mental health, so you won’t just feel physically lighter but more at ease mentally too.

Contact me today to discuss your back pain problems and find out how I can help you reduce your pain and get back to living a more active life.

My massage treatments are specifically designed to help manage symptoms whilst you recover from injury, reduce any pain and tension you may be experiencing, whilst you get back to feeling better.

I am trained in various techniques, such as deep tissue massage, which is highly effective in calming the central nervous system, alleviate chronic muscle tension and pain so you can be more active and enjoy doing the things you love.

This is especially effective for treating back, neck and shoulder pain, and other minor injuries. After your massage, you will feel a sense of relief and be relieved of the pain that has been holding you back.

Massage works beautifully with the central nervous system, which is why you can feel so good after a treatment.

Tracey’s story

Tracey, who manages her own business and is an avid hockey player and climber, prioritises her physical health and wellbeing. She credits our training programmes and regular massages for allowing her to perform at her best in both her work and sports despite her spinal injuries.

Benefits of massage

Short-term improvement in mobility while recovering from injury to help you get on with your life

Changes in pain show that it CAN change, which is hugely valuable if you are living with pain

Helps with depression, anxiety and state anxiety

Helps with stiffness and tension associated with injury, chronic pain or chronic conditions

Helps you feel looser and more comfortable

Calms your nervous system down, improving parasympathetic drive

Gives you important breaks if you are chronically stressed, alleviating any associated illness

Offers a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life and improves overall well-being

Provides a feeling of calmness


All massage appointments cost £60.00 and last for 60 minutes.

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Minor sport injuries

Whether you’re a sports person or not you may need support managing a painful shoulder, tight neck, hip pain and of course lower back pain.

I can guide you through how to manage your symptoms and rehabilitate your injury safely getting you back to life feeling more comfortable.

You are unique, and so is your pain!

At The Back Care Clinic, I understand that your needs and goals are exclusive to you, which is why I take a personalised approach to every treatment plan I create. I will work closely with you to help you manage your pain by considering multiple factors such as your lifestyle, medical history and activity levels, and develop a personal treatment plan targeting your specific needs.

If you've had enough of back pain ruling your life and preventing you from doing the activities you love, call The Back Care Clinic today and let’s work together to reduce your back pain and improve your performance and daily life.

Say goodbye to feeling worried about your pain and hello to being confident in managing your symptoms and having more confidence in doing the activities your love!

Book a call below and look forward to moving without back pain again.

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Carol Seaborne

Back Care Clinic founder

Carol Seaborne lives in Kent with her husband Andy, who she has been married to for 30 years. They both share a love of sports and play a lot of sports together, often competing against one another. They have two grown-up daughters who live nearby with their fur babies.

In her free time, Carol enjoys walking her black lab, Scout, and listening to podcasts about pain science, movement or other health and wellness topics. Carol manages her own pain through weight training, cycling and foundation training. She also loves cooking and has finally invested in an air fryer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between your online and face-to-face services?

For anyone seeing me in my clinic, I can include manual therapy. Everything else is the same. Manual therapy is an excellent addition to symptom management, but the most critical aspects are understanding your back pain and knowledge of how best to manage it and move.

Can you help me with my specific back problem?

Many of my clients already have a diagnosis, a disc injury, scoliosis, hypermobility, spondylarthritis, sciatica, etc. I screen everyone before accepting them as a client to ensure we can work together safely. If this is your first episode of back pain and you are worried about your symptoms, it is best to speak to your GP first.

How can I work with you?

I offer face-to-face and online appointments. Online appointments are on Zoom. You can book a consultation here.

How long are coaching sessions?

All of my sessions last a minimum of 60 minutes.

Still not sure if I am the right person to help you with your back problem?

Book a free 15-minute zoom call to find out more.

Start your journey towards
moving away from pain!

Start your journey towards
moving away from pain!

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